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You’ve probably arrived here because you’re thinking of buying a Tuin Log Cabin and have done a search for Tuin Reviews to see how customers rate them. You’ve probably seen all the (suspiciously) positive reviews on their own website and Trustpilot. Having seen all the positive reviews online you’re probably thinking Tuin seem to be a pretty good company to buy a log cabin from. But, before you go ahead and put your order in, read all about my nightmare experience with Tuin

The two reasons I’ve decided to create this site:
    1) To keep a record of Tuin’s appalling service
    2) Share my Tuin experience with others, to help them decide if Tuin is a company they want to deal with

I only spent an evening creating this website and do occasional updates, so don’t expect too much.

Everything on this website is my opinion

Tuin Log Cabin Review

Read all about my experience of ordering a log cabin from Tuin. 

Tuin Wooden Flooring

When i purchased my Tuin log cabin i though it would make sense to also order the wooden flooring…….what a mistake!

Random Thoughts & Comments

 Tuin cabin prices skyrocket
I notice that the price of the cabin i purchased in September has gone up by a whopping 70%! One of the main reasons i purchased a Tuin cabin was the perceived good value. At the prices they are now, i doubt they would have made my short list. I appreciate that the pandemic has caused wood shortages and so prices have gone up. Compared to the other log cabins (from other suppliers) i was looking at, Tuin has gone up way way more.

Why don’t i just cancel my order and buy from elsewhere?
Unfortunately, i’ve paid a builder to create a level base using the dimensions of the Tuin cabin i’ve ordered. Also, the price of cabins has gone up.

Tuin Reviews on Trustpilot
Why there aren’t a lot more negative reviews on Trustpilot for Tuin. My experience, has been absolutely dreadful. Are there ‘features’ about Trustpilot that mean positive reviews are favoured over negative reviews. for example, I guess negative reviews could potentially get Trustpilot in trouble for libel, so maybe negative reviews are not published. Maybe Tuin can contest negative reviews and have them removed.