Tuin Wood Floor .....NIGHTMARE!


When i purchased the cabin, i also bought the floorboards as an addon item. I did this so i wouldn’t have the hassle of buying them independently. Unfortunately, as with everything Tuin, this has become another headache. 

The floorboards turned up with the cabin. I checked the delivery note, 10 packs of x 250cm floorboards. Each pack has 10 floorboards and has bearers & edging. Everything appeared to be correct.

However, it turns out the floorboards are 3cm short, coming in at 247cm and not 250cm. They are also only 8.8cm wide, not 9.6cm as described on the website! Now, as long as there were enough floorboards to cover the area (which according to Tuin there was) this wouldn’t be a problem. But for me this is a fairly major problem.

The concrete base that i’m building the cabin on was uneven. To get a level base i’ve had a builder lay blocks, these blocks have been laid using the 250cm measurements of the floorboards. The blocks also allow for the floor insulation to rest on them. Because the  floorboards are 3cm shorter the floorboard bearers are now right on the edge of the block, which means there’s no space for the insulation!

Yet another email to Tuin. I now have to wait for 1 week to get a response! and i can’t send any chasing emails or updates otherwise my email will go to the back of the queue.

Tuin’s response to the short floorboards:

‘I do apologise for the confusion, the suppliers do sometimes send a slightly different size, as to what they have with them there, however this will be absolutely fine to cover the area.’

I send an email saying this is a problem for me due to the blocks i’ve had laid are based on the 250cm floorboards……..I wait another week for a response

I am sorry that you feel this way about the flooring, in regards to sending new flooring out, the only issue would be that others could be like this.

If the 3cm would make that much different then we can collect this and refund you in full which would mean you could then source your own floor locally.

Another typically unhelpful response from Tuin. All i’m asking is they supply what i’ve ordered.

I’ve had a look online for 250cm tongue and groove floorboards and no one else sells them, at least none in the UK that i could find



Update 24/06/21

It’s been over a week since i sent my email and in typical Tuin style they haven’t responded. So, i send a chaser email to the ‘info’ address asking someone replies to my email. a few days later i get a response, that’s nearly 8 working days to get a reply.

In the email response i’m told that ‘Sadly the 250cm length if not something we can supply’. They also offer to help find a solution or a refund. I certainly don’t want their help finding a solution, it would probably take years. I opt for the refund. 

I send an email asking for the refund and amazingly on the same day i get a reply. Tuin initially offer to collect the floorboards, but i think they realised the cost of sending out a pallet and arranging the haulier to collect was not going to be cost effective. Being the helpful chap that i am, i offered to sell them on Gumtree. Tuin agreed to issue a full refund for the floorboards and were happy for me to make a bit of cash selling them on Gumtree. The money i make on Gumtree will go towards moving the concrete blocks so they line up with the new floorboards, when i get them. 

So far, eight working days have passed and no sign of my refund


Updated 4th July 2021

I chased the refund for the floorboards and have been asked to supply my bank details again so they can refund. The credit card i originally used has expired, so they can’t refund to the original payment method.


Updated 19th July 2021

At last Tuin have refunded me for the floorboards

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